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Service works well and when we’ve needed additional treatments, during spring especially, the Company stepped up with no questions asked. Going the extra mile to make sure service works says a lot about manage and corporate philosophy.

Alger M
Dec 14, 2018

Very courteous guys have come out! No more swarms of mosquitoes! Thanks so much!

Sandy G
Dec 14, 2018

Very organized, attentive to all areas of the yard and efficient.

Sher D
Dec 13, 2018

It has been a great improvement, but i'm not sure whether the mosquitos are getting used to the treatment? They're hiding out inside now! :/

Valerie D
Dec 12, 2018

Mosquito Joe is great. Great customer service.

Larry W
Dec 12, 2018

My only gripe is that I only have fifteen minutes notice before the guys come to do their thing. I prefer appointments so that I can plan my day; I can't leave the garage door open and/or the back gate unlocked because we have a pool and it would therefore be unsafe. I would be happier if, the day before the treatment, someone could let me know approximately what time to expect them.

Lori L
Dec 12, 2018

Great job , thanks!

Joe C
Dec 11, 2018

Always polite, friendly and helpful.

Polly R
Dec 11, 2018

Great service team! Always called before they arrived and did a great job! Never saw a mosquito all summer!

Lynda C
Dec 11, 2018

i once asked the man who comes to my house to please make sure he sprays the back corner well. that is where my compost piles are and the mosquitoes like it a lot. I have never had to ask again! it is always done the way i like it. Great service!

Marcia R
Dec 11, 2018